Friday, August 31, 2007

Ruperteers in the news!

The best part of a restaurant is the crew. And Rupert’s is no exception. It’s the crew that creates the dishes, serves them, and brings to life the whole experience of going out. When you read the local paper in a community our size, chances are good that you will recognize a neighbor’s name or a friend or two, or that person that you were behind in line at Paul’s the other day. In the hopes of you getting to know us, we will try to make a note of each of our teammates (or as Mickey would have it ‘Ruperteers’) when they make the local news – in the good columns. If you know of somebody’s achievements that need to be listed on our Blog, please email the information to us at

In last week’s paper, Emily Mulnick our assistant baker/host/busser rated some good ink with an assist for the first goal in their jamboree match against Lewiston.

In this week’s paper, Emily again makes the grade with both an assist for goal as well as a solo effort in their win against Payette, and for the closing goal against Bonner’s Ferry.

Also in this week’s paper, Jace (aka Skittles) Bowling, new kitchen prepster for Rupert’s, is featured on the front page of the sports section as number 13, deftly dribbling the ball away from her opponent.

Way to kick some ball!

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