Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Fall menus at Rupert’s
Chef Christopher has launched Rupert’s new fall menus! Sharing favorite flavors is really the best part of restauranting, and Chef and crew have spent the last few weeks evaluating some heartier and warmer menu items that fit our current temperatures. The new menus feature Eggs Benedict for breakfast every day! Also a new Huevos Rancheros dish that features Chef’s family’s ranchero sauce which is really special. For lunch you can order what we have voted as one of the top three sandwiches of all time: The Grilled Ham and Brie cheese sandwich with pesto mayo. Oh my. Or some fish tacos that are just delicious. And for dinner, you will see a few more fishes on: Hazelnut encrusted Halibut, Yellow Fin with a delicious mango salsa, as well as our nightly fresh fish specials. A new Chicken Mole, a Winter Beet salad; lots of opportunities for you to taste!

On Sundays we have been running a Southern Fried Chicken special with mashed potatoes, and chicken gravy. One of those truly classic Sunday comfort dishes that you can mark your week by.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we will be open for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner and will be featuring a delicious Turkey Dinner with all of the trimmings as one of our dinner specials starting at 1pm. We are already taking reservations so please call and get on the list. We even have a leftovers-to-go box on the menu for turkey the next day!

At our weekly staff, we were trying to figure out what we need to do to create more breakfast business. As if Eggs Benedict (with real hollandaise sauce isn’t enough), and the topic of parking came up. We have been concentrating on making your breakfast experiences quick and tasty, we know the view is fabu, so among other possibilities, we investigated parking. There have been challenges this summer during construction. That is certain. But since then, the upper lot has been graded, the parking along Lake street has opened back up after the construction materials were parked there, and altogether it looks as though we have about 75 slots behind the hotel and in the upper deck and another 25 along Lake street (if we park diagonally along the fence). All of it is an easy walk across the lot to the restaurant. If you have someone that has some challenges, please feel free to use the hotel entrance where our ramp is before parking. While it isn’t perfect, we do have quite a lot available, and I don’t think that folks realize how convenient the Lake Street parking is.

Thanks for all of your comments regarding your experiences with Rupert’s, our food, our service and how you feel about Jack Russell Terriers. While many of you thought them high strung and yippy, some felt that they were just the cutest, smartest, creatures. Some of you weighed in on your dogs’ attributes vs Jack Russells, and we did get a couple of recommendations on how to best barbecue them. But with all of the difference of opinion regarding dogs, the overwhelming response to our restaurant was positive. Thank you.
Let us know how we are doing. We realize that we will never be all things to all people, but we also know what we think tastes good, and what proper service is. The team that we are lucky enough to have at Rupert’s is dedicated to providing a great experience. From Chef to Georgina and her desserts, the line guys & gals (Peter, Chai, Jacob, Brian, Casey, MJ, Kim, Gabe, Kevin…) and the floor staff (which includes the only licensed Morel Mushroom Guy in the state of Idaho: Kristina, Lexie, Adam, Chris, Jim, Taran, Kara, Chris, JW, Kristen, Rebecca, Emily…) we are in this because we want to be.
Thank you for coming in!

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