Saturday, December 1, 2007

Local School Journalist reviews Rupert's

Recently published in the local PLMS paper~

Compliments to the Chef
By Lindsey Hall, 7th grader Payette Lakes Middle School

You will find a restaurant called “Ruperts” down town, in Hotel McCall,(1101 North 3rd Street). The name “Ruperts” comes from the owner’s Jack Russell Terrier puppy’s name, Rupert. Ruperts’ logo is of Rupert him self, as a 2 year old puppy.
John Wood is the manager of Hotel McCall’s restaurant; Ruperts. He has been in the restaurant business for 25 years, and has lived in McCall for 13 years. Ruperts has been in McCall for 140 days, (approximately) since June 1st.
“We just make hand-made food freshly everyday.” Wood says. They make Chinese, Thai, Hispanic, American, and a little bit of French foods. “The Structure of Ruperts seems European to most people, but we mainly just designed Ruperts to fit in with the rest of the hotel. We have the same structure of the lobby’s supporting posts for example. We have bunches of mirrors inside the restaurant as well as the hallway on the way down to the restaurant.” Wood explains. Mirrors are a great touch. You might be seated somewhere where your back is turned to the lake. The mirrors will help you out by giving you a review look of the marvelous lake.
Many different types of customers come to Ruperts, they receive locals, tourists, elders, families, adults, and teenagers. It’s a great mix for a nice restaurant. “I have a good team of people here; we all like food, and love to share food. It makes the job so much more fun.” John Wood the manager explains. Visit or for more information, email John Wood at or you can contact Ruperts at 634-8108. Good Eats!

“ ...interviewing all the delicious restaurants in mccall! [you were #1!!!]”

-Lindsey Hall from McCall

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