Friday, December 21, 2007

Rupert now has a better understanding of what the movie industry and Broadway players must feel. Knowing that our review was to be published this morning in the Scene section of the Idaho Statesman, Rupert confided in us that he had a troubled night of sleep. Weird dreams of past and different restaurants all mushed together, the forgotten side of demi glace that never quite makes it to the table, the chefs downstairs singing madrigals whilst playing bridge -never mind the tickets, Anthony Bourdain showing up for a peanut butter & oyster sandwich on rye toast; these are the sugarplums that dance in restaurant dogs heads while waiting for the review.

All for naught! James Patrick Kelly captured some of our favorite aspects of Rupert's and touched on our very good food quality, our efficient and professional service, the views, our cousins at Jug Mountain, and the remodels of the hotel.

And, he gave Rupert's his "Critics Choice" notation!

Take a look at our review and others featured in the Scene at And thanks for visiting! Hope to see you soon and all of us wish all of you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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firSSt said...

worry? rupert's is the best food in mccall, paws down.